Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Blog Is Moving!


We are combining all our puppy blogs into one … all Beaglier updates will now be posted at  You can check in there for puppy updates and if you want to receive posts by email, sign up on the sidebar! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No Puppies!

We do not have any Beaglier puppies available right now.  We are expecting our next litter in February.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please contact us.  Thanks!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some Miscellaneous Pictures - Almost Seven Weeks!

Mickey and Babe have already gone to their new homes and Sandy will be going to her new home tomorrow.  All the other puppies will be going to their homes next week on our delivery trip except for Lou … she is still available!  Here are a few pictures:

Oh my!  What a face!

Lou is a very sweet, affectionate puppy.

Here are some random pictures of the puppies playing around … I'm not sure which ones these are from this angle!

This is Sandy

Want to know what our pictures often look like?!  We take hundreds of pictures and finally narrow it down to the few acceptable ones!

Daffy and I'm-not-sure-who :)

Casey on the left and Sandy on the right :)

I guess Sandy wanted to show off the white stripe on her neck!

Same two in reverse order

Miss Daffy … love her face!

Miss Dizzy

Such beautiful red colors!

Daffy and Dizzy

Sisters :)

Joe and Hank

Yep, Hank is sticking out his tongue!

Time for secrets? :)

Those are some cute fellas right there!

Another picture of Sandy - she is a photogenic puppy :)

Pappy on the left and Willie on the right.

Wow - it was hard to get pictures of these two!

There they are!  And for all of you who are getting these puppies … you have less than one week to go!!  :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Puppies At Five Weeks!

All of the puppies are reserved except for Miss Lou!  Here are her pictures first … if you're interested in giving her a good home, please contact me for details.

"Hello!  How are you today?"

Lou is a sweet-natured puppy.  She likes to play but definitely enjoys being held!

Such a pretty pose!

"I'm going to get it!"

Here are all the pups in Pepper's litter.  Daffy is easy to tell apart!  I believe that's Dizzy behind her, Willie and Pappy on the right.  And there's no way to tell apart Lou and Joe from this angle!

Lou on the left (I think), Daffy and Joe.

The reds!  Pappy is on the far right, I think Dizzy is in the middle and Willie is on the left.

Dizzy and Pappy?

Daffy … love those eyes!

Is that a beautiful face or what?!

This is Dizzy

Look at the tongue!

Yes, you're a pretty girl!

Here is Joe

Sorry this one is blurry … love the little paw!

Here is Pappy!

I love his little white socks!  Maybe he should have been named after a Chicago White Sox player rather than a Boston Red Sox player :p

This is Willie

He has such a pretty red coat!

Here is Babe

What are you looking at?!

This is Casey

She was actually just reserved today and will be going to Maryland!

Licking her lips!

Mr. Hank

"I want to get down … I'm going to figure this out!"

The black and tan gals … I think that's Casey in the middle but not for sure!

Trying to play with Zoey!

Hank and Babe

"You're smushing my face!"

What a picture!  Left to right: Mickey, Casey and Sandy.

This is Mickey

Does that hay taste good? :)

Here is Sandy

She was reserved last night and will be staying here in TN!

We are still scheduled for a northeast delivery trip Thanksgiving week so if you're in the area and interested in Lou, please contact me by email or call 615-765-3110 or text 615-631-9312.